Miracle happened - Top Seller for 3 Month period


Hi! I know, this is far from humble type of behavior, but guys, this is incredible news - according to this page https://audiojungle.net/page/top_sellers my Featured Track of the Week, “Upbeat Corporate” is Number 1 seller for the period of 3 months. THIS. IS. SHOCKING. But this thing never happened without constant support of this great community of author and some of incredible guys from Envato, what make this store different from others. I also want to share some lessons from this success:

  1. DO NOT BLINDLY COPY successful music. Simply spend more times on analyzis of a success of other authors.
  2. BE IN TRENDS, BUT BE ORIGINAL. As you see, my EDM roots halped me to create cross-over track, where house elements combined with corporate music elements. As a result of such cross-over, i got a track suitable for very wide type of video projects - from corporate to fashion.
  3. BE GENEROUS. Share some of your ideas and methods with others. This create a wave of returning attention to your music and build your reputation.
  4. THINK LIKE BUYER. I want to express BIG BIG thanks to all buyers, and especiaaly to those, who gave me feedback and share their thoughts about WHAT THEY NEED most.
  5. ESTABLISH RELIABEL AND FAST SERVICE. This is very common situtation, that my day begin early with letters from USA buyers. And due time difference, i need to respond very fast in not comfort time for me. But beleive me, i heard multiple time big thanks from buyers, impressed with my fast reaction on their questions.
  6. SHOW RESPECT TO PEOPLE, WORKING FOR ENVATO. I know, no one ideal in this world, including Envato. But i am 100% sure, those who created and support this place DESERVE our respect. We need a lot of things to change - this is true, but i simply clearly understand - without THIS platform most of us will never achieve such success. This is not “obey your big brother” idea, this is just about place, where huge, huge work doing under the curtains of this site with aimto make this place better.
    Finally - thank you all, sorry for my English :slight_smile:


Well done, and well said!


Great words, Lumen. Thank you for sharing ideas and good luck with sales! :slight_smile:


Great Example @LumenMedia


If you feel like sharing some of these experiences, we would be very happy of course :smiley:

Of course I’m happy for you anyway, it’s a great track in a great portfolio, it’s so cool to see that putting in effort brings such great results. :notes:


Excellent post. Good info. Thanks @LumenMedia and good luck with sales!


Buyers want track, that they can edit easy. With a place for narrator in spectrum and instrumentation.


Lumen, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas. I think this shows that you really do care about the others here, and explains also why the buyers know you really want to help them in any way you can.

You have a great positive attitude! Congrats!


Congratulations :wink:


Wise words, thank you. Congratulations on your success.


Amazing, many things happened fast when your item got featured. Congrats mate!! :smile:


Congratulations on your success Lumen! And thanks for sharing your insights and observations…much appreciated :slight_smile:


Congratulations. And thank you for the information, it is very necessary and useful to know.


Congats @LumenMedia , you deserve to be in that place ! Very very wise words my friend !!!


Congratulations! Great result!


Congratulations my friend! Also great tips for all authors! :slight_smile:


When I first heard this track (with zero sales at the moment) I immediately realized something unique is about it…And here it is :wink:

Congrats on this huge success, @LumenMedia ! :rocket:


Great words! Great music! Congrats Lumen! You deserve it! :+1: :rocket: :beers:


Great tips, THX :grin:


Great that you’ve made 2000 sales of a track. That’s genuinely good.

Not a copy? No it probably isn’t a copy directly of any track. But Gm to Bb to F and then something like Gm to C to Dm or whatever it is.
What you could have done is just cut out all of the middle man stuff and tell these people that if want to get a good seller just write homogenous crap. There are about 5 million of these things on Aj. All well produced and the the MO of the Aj buyers. But don’t try and fool anyone this genre isn’t just a pile of musical crap. Please.