Minor and sad music on Audiojungle

Hi everyone! Guys, what do you think about minor music on Audiojungle? Is it good for sales? Till yesterday I thought that it is a place only for positive and inspiring melodies, except cinematic music. But someone have bought my minor track and even with Music Broadcast License. I really want to write up-beat music, but I always get something sad and dreamy) It is interesting to read your thoughts about this. Do you write minor music and get good sales? Thank you!


Of course, positive and inspiring tracks get most of use but there are much more such tracks than minor ones. And minor melodies are also needed for videos and projects. So, yes, I think that minor, sad melodies can have good sales. But, I could be wrong as I am new here and not so experienced :slight_smile:


Different opinions exist. I believe that it is necessary to do any commercial music, no matter what her mood. (sad and dreamy)


Right into the point! :slight_smile:


I uploaded a quite sad track 3 years ago and got only 1 standard licence sale on it.

A significant experience was when this track was played in a chapel on the funeral of my grandmother in law. Many guests said to me that it was just perfect for this moment. I felt the same.

What I think is that buyers don’t expect to find (much) minor music here. And the need of this music is definitely much more less than happy motivational music.

If you want to listen… https://audiojungle.net/item/time-to-say-goodbye/5415985


I am not so exprienced too there) Thank you for your opinion :wink:

Thanx for opinion :wink:

Oh, I`m very sorry for your grandmother in law!
Really great music!
thanq for opinion)

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Ask @ilovemedia-es :slight_smile:

She has a beautiful sad piano track with 300+ sales!

Thanks @AurusAudio :slight_smile:

Surprisingly the sad song is my best seller, and I’ve tried several genres. I guess there is much less competition, and that helps. And there are many people who also need to sad music.


Hello !!! I think we need to have a portfolio even though not large , but the quality and commercial products , in many styles because we do not know what the buyer will come to you ))))))

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Most tracks are positive and inspiring but high quality music with other mood also can get good sales. It’s better to have different music in your portfolio.


I think you are right)

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yes, its great to have different music in your portofolio, and Im trying to work in such way, but I get most of all minor music)

I have lots of sad, dark or melancholy tracks in my portfolio (from cinematic to electronic) and in general the sales on those items are disappointing. My best sellers are almost always from motivational, “happy” or somewhat positive tracks.

Just my experience…

If you like minor music, I think it doesn’t hurt to your portfolio have several sad tracks. If the music is good, it will find its buyer. Sales may be not so much, but thay will…

I think one or two minor tracks on 10 happy commercial will not hurt.

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Nils Frahm music is very sentimental. Inspiration:

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My portfolio is loaded with mostly dark/sad/dreamy music, either orchestral drama or dark surreal electronica, and I’ve had pretty good sales. I’m far from becoming an Elite author anytime soon (this century), but clients have responded positively to my kind of music. I’ve sold individual tracks and music packs with both Music Broadcast Licenses and Mass Reproduction Licenses, and Extended Licenses in the past. I agree that to have full commercial success you have to steer towards commercially successful music (happy, corporate, whatever), but for now I’m sticking to my comfort zone. It’s not bad to have a personal brand, either.


Nils is awesome! But I like Olafur Arnalds))