Minimum Item Price accordantly to resolution and length

hello community.

I just need the opinion here.
Should there be a minimum price for the videohive items accordantly to resolution and length of the video?

In my option the Author should be able to set the price for the item however not under the minimum price.


There is a minimum price, it’s $4, and authors are welcome to price their items accordingly based on resolution, length or whatever they feel like. Authors can set the price, as long as it’s not under the minimum price of $4.

wrong, its $3 buyers fees + at least $1. so, accordantly to your understanding the minimum price is $1 for any item.

The minimum price should be set accordantly to length and resolution of the item is what I am saying.

Yeah, I could be mistaken, but I think a $3 buyers fee, plus a minimum of $1, works out to somewhere around a minimum price of $4. Give or take.

And as for the price being set accordingly for length and resolution, I’m saying… go for it!