Minimalistic Wedding Invitation Rejected


For some reason this design concept was rejected and I would like to know why it doesn’t meets the quality standards? I have attached some screenshots.

The idea that I had in mind when I made it was the minimalism, the idea that less is more and an appreciation for the simple and basic. If I had to do some changes what would you change?

Thanks for your help.

Looks pretty good, but I think the text only page needs improvement. The font pairing of the hand written title and the all caps font below is maybe not quite right, and the hierarchy of the layout could be a touch better with regard to the bottom block of text, it’s a bit monotonous to read I would say, could use a bit more variation (colours, some bold or italic, etc)

Lastly I would find a more romantic photo, the big rocks are prominent and don’t really match the nice plant image you have. But if you make changes and work some more on the typography I think you could polish this up into a nice design.

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate :slight_smile:

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Nice design anyway …