Minimalist responsive site with non stop audio between pages..

Hi, I’m looking for a theme to show video, photos, music and a section
with images to download.

The thing is I would like the visitor to be able to keep listening
to the music while checking the images to download or seeing
the photos… I guess is something like spotify or soundcloud
omnipresent player. The music should automatically stop if a video
is played…

As example, the themes Kalium and Studio 8 have nice responsive designs.

I am new to wordpress so excuse any nonsense… Maybe that audio feature
is just about plugins. I would appreciate any keyword to start my research. Thanks¡

Hey @Trozos,

Interesting question!

The authors here are the experts, but I have a sneaking suspicion that what you’re looking for might well be a plugin that you can add to an existing theme rather than a whole new theme…

I might tag in @dtbaker who’s knowledge of web design vastly exceeds my own…

You can check Signature theme

Thanks @Loc_rabbirt. It has some nice designs but also some details I’m not sure about…
The worse is some content overlap in theo demo using latest windows desktop chrome.
I guess it’s hard to get all those nice content movements in theo’s portfolio section.

Kalium keeps being the strongest option. If there’s anyone who could answer me a few details
about kalium features, the theme issue would be finished. Thanks again @matthewcoxy & @Loc_rabbirt

This problem had resolve in latest version :). They don’t update it in demo yet :P.

Thanks @Loc_rabbirt I will check the demos in the future to see what they really can achieve.

Meanwhile, about the audio feature I’m looking for…
if I put all the content in the same page, visitors could listen uninterrupted audio while seeing the
other content? and using the same plugin player for audio and video, would it be “self-aware” so it would
stop audio when a video is played?

I can’t access the “looking for” forum, neither I can’t find how to post in codecanyon forums to keep looking
for the plugin… @matthewcoxy, @dtbaker or anyone could tell me the right place to ask for the plugin issue?