Minimal lower thirds rejected

Hey there

My recent lower third project got rejected . Please let me know how could I improve and what i have done wrong . Thanks :slight_smile:

Mmmm. They look good, but every day 4-5 projects with lower thirds get accepted and they look in first pretty similar to each other, but if you look closely you will notice some difference in animation. So compared to yours they looks more delicate, try to check 12 principles of animation so you can enhance your animation a bit, and make it look more elegant and elastic, also maybe try to run through some tutorials about typography, some lower thirds looks a bit heavy with this font. And try them on different backgrounds to be sure they work for any kind of video. Hope this helps a bit and someone can give more precise answer to you question, good luck!

They are good, but boring presentation. Just one static image…
Maybe the animation is kind of slow too, looks lifeless a bit… just a bit.

Thanks for your comments .
I don’t think the lower thirds would suit minimal style if they are elastic
Some lower thirds which look heavy with the font were made deliberately so that they look unique .