Mindig update?

I have an older site that is running Mindig and I need to update it - I have everything (all plugins ) updated but the theme is out of date and according to this site not available. The dashboard shows " A new version of Mindig is available for download. You have installed version 1.12.0 installed. Update to version 1.17.0."

  1. Is it even possible to get the versions 1.17.0?

  2. I realize I will have to change the theme but am wondering if by any chance anyone knows if in the meanwhile will 1.12.0 work with the current version of WordPress and PHP?? I am currently on wordpress 5.3.6 and need to update to 5.6.2 and PHP is currently set to 7 and I would like to update that that to 7.6.

Please - any help on this will be greatly appreciated!


You should contact the theme author as you will need to get an answer from them