Milestone Achievement


As an author, when i joined this community in 2012, it was a great opportunity to have a side income online and videohive was a great platform.
Like most of new authors, i dreamed of becoming an elite author and having 5000 sales or things like these.
Over the years, the earning have dropped here after the emergence of elements and it seems like its not working for elements as well for most authors.
Things have died down with earnings dropping around 90% from when it was at its peak.
Anyway, most of us have moved on from it and new people have joined but as i noticed this morning that i have hit the 5000 sales mark so wanted to share it here.
Earlier, it was a goal to get here and improve further but as now is the case, its not important anymore as i have moved on to other opportunities.
Things happen eventually so keep working hard to everybody who is still fully invested here.
Thanks to Envato for such a great opportunity and special thanks to all the buyers who still buy from us occasionally. Thumbs up to all the authors.
I would like to return here when i get to 10,000 sales if the platform still exits, until then.
Good Luck


Congratulations! It’s a great thrill and recognition for the work!
I too had a similar dream and worked hard over the years, but alas I was not lucky enough to start earlier when there were good profits from it.
Hopefully one day the sun will bake my house too!

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