MikMag Problem

MikMag on preview scrolls back and forth up and down every 2-3 seconds

What could be causing this it kinda goes back up a bit and back down a bit and up... I added this extension NGFB free That adds the meta image and tags for social media and it talks about a possible conflict sinsce it changes the head section and doesn't like the domain verify that must belong to google analytics. Could it be something added in the header that is causing all that?

Atually its the image that shifts size (shortcode paralax image)

The image mikmag has in their dummy content for the "Welcome Store" page the image at the top, I changed the image url quickly to one of my images without formating, it seems to fit but why does it look animated with 2 different size images since when the text changes, the whole image space grows or reduces in height. Up and down...

Is it that image with the read more at the top is it my image proportions that cause the shortcode image to shift size?