Migrating from Laravel 6 to Laravel 7


Have you tried migrating from Laravel 6 to Laravel 7?
I already coded a lot in my project, should I fear switching to version 7? or complete as version 6?


Not yet, but there are significant number of changes in L7 from L6. Anyway, there are a few points to be considered before making the upgrade.

Why you would like to update to the latest version… You’re having issues with the existing codebase? or maybe you need some library in your project that only support the newer version?

PS. Laravel 6 (LTS) has a long time support, means you can still use it until September 3rd, 2022.

Have a look at https://laravel.com/docs/6.x/releases#support-policy

Please let me know!

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Thank you. I want to be able to use Components. I know that it’s possible to implement components with a different blade architecture in L6, but once 2022+ comes I will need to migrate someday and it will be way much harder.

Today I tried, what I see is there are some changes in Symfony 5, so some libraries may not support. In this point I need to be ensure if I will use one more library.

You’re welcome!

Well, Blade Component is a new feature in L7. And yeah, you can still easily create blade components in L5 and L6. If I were you, I would upgrade now before my project becomes big and it will be way much harder.

What prevents you from upgrading to the latest version?

Have a look at https://laravel.com/docs/7.x/upgrade#upgrade-7.0

Good luck!

Laravel released version 8!
New major version only after 6 months?!?.

This is very tiring.
When I started my project it was 6, not we’re on 8.

I regret that I didn’t start with Symfony. :frowning: