Microsoft Word and Power Point

From 1 to 10 how much you like working with Microsoft package?
I give it a -3,6 because I feel generous today!

I wish it never even existed! Why do you think is popular?

And if the reason it is popular is because it was already installed in our computers, how much is this a proof that we don’t do what we would like but we do what people tell us to? Are we stupid?

for me the answer is 0! lol i do not know why professional designers would have to bring this kind of thing to the table! this is not recognized as professional design tools and most of us basically know how it works, period …

if i understand the additional value for a cv , for all the rest, well , this has to keep what this is … a bonus! this bonus takes time to realize and will not enable us to charge necessarily more … so why not let people who buy ask for it in case they need …

let me also remind u that this is installed if u are on a pc lol if u have a mac, u have text edit , so do why not putting keynotes, text edit or whatever else , too?! (not to mention that most of the sale come from us and a lot of americans are equiped ith mac computers) LOL