MGRT and Premiere Pro

Anyone have solutions to MGRT files in Premiere Pro for quicker render? My system will render for almost 2 hours on any MGRT template. I understand these templates originate from AE but so many templates are migrating towards the MGRT but I feel like Im missing something here as far as working with the templates and it being a time savor.

Hi, you can upgrade your computer - that would help with rendering. Or you can try enabling GPU acceleration in Premiere Pro settings if you have a compatible GPU.

Else you can open the mogrt files in After Effects and you can then see which effects you dont need and you could try disabling them. (If you have the expertise to do so). Then you could export the morgt again and in most cases it should render somewhat faster.

Overall yes, the long render times are frustrating but imagine if you had to first create all these things that are being rendered. That would take much more than two hours sooo maybe it’s not so bad :slight_smile:

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