Metal Track - Rejected (this is my turn :) ) - feedback welcome to improve :)

Hello there,
recently, I have been giving my feedback on rejections… even though I am a newbie on audiojungle.
Today is my turn…

I submitted a “hard/rock , metal” track, that I thought could be nice to illustrate sports/car videos.
I have listened to tracks in this genre, and being a guitarist, I gave it a go.

I would be curious to know if you think the composition is to blame, or if the mix/mastering is not up to the competition.

Many thanks ! :slight_smile:

Oh, the link:

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Hey Frozen,
There are two areas where you could improve this track.

First is the guitar parts execution. For metal you need really precise playing. Maybe yours isn’t tight enough?

The second area is the amp/distortion. This sounds a lot like plug-ins to me… I’d try adding a hardware distortion pedal before the amp sim for a more realistic metal tone.

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I noticed that compared to other “pro” tracks… my double tracking is not very precise… I was wondering if some others were using… guitar VSTs (some of them sound really good when used for palm muting).

Yep I am using Kuassa here, but I was not convinced 100% by my tone… so on both issues, I totally agree, which is a good start :slight_smile:

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Hey there,

I absolutely agree with @soundset’s points - you are going in the right direction with this track but the guitar timing is a little sloppy and the sound could be improved as well. Maybe play around with compression on the guitars, too. Put them both on a bus and compress the sum to tighten them up (that is, once the timing is there of course).

You might also want to take a step back and look at the track as a whole. As your title “Adrenaline Race” suggests you are shooting for that a**-kicking, driving feel but neither the drums nor the guitar work are really consistent with that idea. Imho, you should revisit the drums too as they are playing a little too laid back for a driving background.

Or, you could change the title :sunglasses:

Good luck!



Thanks for all your ideas!
I guess I was somehow very influenced by this track: “Adrenaline” by Violetmelody ( ) and I clearly see something in mine is not yet there, but I am not sure how to fill the gap and reach the next step :slight_smile:


actually this track is not bad
I think you should make more tasty in the commerce sense if u know what i mean
try to listen simular tracks here on AJ

good luck!!!

I am afraid I am unclear about what you mean by “more tasty in the commerce sense”…?