Are you guys using metadata? How and why? Is it important if you do not create ISRC code for track?


Used to add tempo, key, composer name and webadress for the item in the preview file. I have stopped doing it though as I was under the impression that it was easier for buyers to find back to the item these days.

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Here’s some info on ISRC’s


But what about stock tracks which are used in videos or in audio-only commercials/auditions/etc.? In this case ISRC doesn’t matter, isn’t it?

Hello, I always add simple metadata, name of track, year, genre, and link to my portfolio… this way if the mp3 preview is downloaded and renamed… they will still be able to find me :slight_smile:

I do not know if it matters, I just know that we used to embed them into CD’s for identification before submitting them to radio libraries.

Maybe query support if you feel it is a grey area?