message to the reviewer section

Hi I’m uploading a logo sting but got a problem in the " message to the reviewer section"
I don’t have idea what should I write there can you please give me a rough idea what can I mention there ?
Please help !!!

I don’t remember that being a required field. Have you tried submitting your project without entering anything in there?

In after effects project file submission the last section is to mention there

just leave it…it’s not a compulsory section…when your file will soft rejected it will compulsory that time…

It’s where you add message to your reviewer. You can list the features that you want reviewer to notice. That can help to price your project appropriately as you know your file much better than someone who spends few minutes checking it. Also if you’re using audio/images/footage from other resources -Message to reviewer box is the right place to add links to their licenses. Or you can simply cheer up your reviewer and wish him a nice day. As mentioned above the field could stay empty as well.