Merry Christmas Everyone! Is this a bad holiday Hip-Hop track?

Hey guys! Hope you all having amazing time in this Christmas period. I was really excited about this track that I made for this holiday season and thought its going to have some success, but not having sold even one copy I’m really confused and I need your opinion. I realise that it’s not your traditional Christmas kind of music but I tried to be original and created it with this holiday season in mind. Is this a bad track? Whats wrong with it? Any help will be appreciated.

Would it not be more appropriate for Halloween or am I missing something - if I am then I apologise in advance.

Hey! I see what you saying and it makes sense. I was going for scary and haunted Christmas kind of feel.

Is it common to associate Christmas with “scary” and “haunted” where you live?

In most places, it is not. It’s not a bad track, but when I search for “Christmas”, this is not what I’m looking for. Maybe 1 in 10,000 is, but in general, no.

I understand you might have been going for the “The Nightmare Before Christmas” concept with a modern touch, which is cool, but Tim Burton’s skeleton Christmas is not what the vast majority of people want for their Christmas projects.

Better for Halloween, yes.