Merge multiple accounts into one

I have three accounts with respective email ids, one account has the majority of purchases. Rest two have 1 and 2 respectively. Is it possible to merge the 3 accounts in 1 keeping all purchases under one account ?

sorry! to say it is not possible.

If you more interested you can open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be give you official answer.


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@ki-themes it’s can’t be solution. Please don’t, are you planning to give pain both customer and author. and in this process there is a possibility to contact support from both or any party. so for doing this 3 party can be involved and it is a extra pain for all. especially for customer in your word contact the author and tell then the situation, get refund and purchase newly. and one more thing if any refund occur then the license will be removed so customer will face more trouble.

we should suggest a solution which will work.

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I am guessing, there’s no straight-forward solution here. It can be done as @ki-themes suggested, but then that can create unforeseen complications. So, for now i will leave the accounts as it is. But if any viable solution does come up in the future, please do post it. Thanks


I didn’t say it’s a solution. Most likely authors won’t accept it anyway…

yes, that’s why I wrote:
we should suggest a solution which will work.