Mercury Theme migration with AMP

Hello! We in Casino Guru are playing with two ideas. The first one is about migration of our web to a WordPress CMS system. The most likely theme that can fit to our business we find “Mercury”. Second one is an AMP implementation. AMP is the right reason why are we playing with this first idea on our website.Here we come to the second idea’s core - AMP (Accelerated mobile pages for google) is AMP implementation working well with Mercury Theme? What could programmer say to this kind of brief? The web is live and going from the very beginning, but as you can see - it deserves some upgrades and we’re thinking about this global change. Thanks for every response! Andrea.

Hello Andrea,

I could only understand some parts of your question I’ll to answer to the best of my knowledge.

  1. If Mercury theme suits your needs, great, if you have any questions regarding this you should as the theme author (this is a general forum).
  2. How is AMP working with ‘Mercury Theme’? It’s a new theme, I don’t think you’ll be finding the theme users here, asking the author about it might be a good idea.
  3. Regarding the upgrades to your existing site, yes I think it needs it very much.

You can reach the author of the Mercury theme here.