Menus with submenu Not working at Home Page only after WP Rocket theme Install


Using Tagdiv Newspaper theme on wordpress.
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ISSUE: Menus Unclickable at Home Page Only

I installed WP Rocket theme last night, but menu wasnt loading so i deleted plugin and everything related to it.

Deleted my old menu created new one at home page through tagdiv editor.

At home page two menus with submenus are unclickable whereas they work absolutely fine on any other page. These menus are:

  1. Recipes
  2. Lanai Eats

Tried everything including deleted theme and reinstall it. Also header menu not working on home page as well.


Hi @CarrilloDigital,

In your menus you have this class (tdb-mega-menu-inactive) for those 2 menus. If you remove the class: tdb-mega-menu-inactive your megamenu dropdown will work fine.

For better solution you can contact the author of the theme.


Thanks for the reply, how can i remove it?

where have you created the menu? check there. Thanks

I am editing page using tagdiv composer, i think its been forcefully disable by WP Rocket plugin, as a result menu not working properly now i dont know how to get it back…

I can’t see any disable / enable option for mega menu :frowning:

Menu work fines when i am on any other page… It is not working on home page only…

you can try to clear the cache from the plugin in wp-admin and also can delete cache from cpanel. delete cache can fix the issue.

Also you can compare the new 2 menus with other menus is there any settings not match!

I deleted everything related to wp rocket theme including cache…

i dont think there is any issue with menu since there are working fine when i am on any other page than home page.

Its wp rocket theme that i think mess with css… despite removing it complety including cache folder etc menu still not working :frowning:

I also found for the new 2 menus class: menu-item-home missing. This class can be an issue not working for home page. please make sure you have assigned those 2 menus for Home.

check website again please home page than any other page… check menus in both pages…

I already checked other pages and as I mentioned the main issue is creating this class: tdb-mega-menu-inactive for home page.

You have to remove the class: tdb-mega-menu-inactive
check any settings there for the class.




We will take a closer look at this issue. I see you have an account on our support forum, please let us know when there are issues with the theme, so we can check and try to help. Or you can always send us an email at contact@tagdiv.comNewspaper theme support: How to Get Help with Your WordPress theme In this case please send us an email and provide admin login, we will investigate the menu problem. Let us know.

Regards, Simion C.

Thanks for the response, email sent.