Menu Template Hard Reject


I’m new here, tried to make a first item, i know that is hard to be approved but i want your opinions about the item below.

Every feedback will be welcome :slight_smile:

hi as for me i rather like what u have done, but for me , sorry to say just that , the back cover is not working at all indeed , this is not matching with the rest in my view and in addition ,u did not put as much effort into it as is the other pages

i think that the icon live part in the cover is cool and trendy though i think - at least according to what i could see from the preview - that this is not being displayed on the whole upper part (kind of a brush-type one) and that this is a “mistake”

u have a typo issue as well when it comes to the font u used for the name of dishes and if u ask me u should - judging by my experience in an agency - introduce an additional line to let people know about the ingredients