Menu editor plugin to force more menu customization on a theme?

What I have: A great theme that doesn’t offer all the menu editing options I want.

What I need: A tool to force more editing options for the top menu/navigation bar, allowing me to customize my theme’s menu to a greater degree than my theme normally allows. For example detailed editing of the looks (colours especially) or contents (widgets, etc.) where the theme only allows me to select from a couple of premade options. Or allowing me to use a vertical menu on the left (sidebar) instead of/in addition to the top menu.

In short, a plugin for taking more control of the navigation/menu than the theme allows.

Is there anything like this?

Hello @ NewbieOneKenobi,

If your theme is using Wpbakery Page Builder, our plug-in can help you a lot. You can create a new horizontal/vertical header from scratch with a drag and drop interface. You can also create a completely different header for the mobile view.

Except then the header, you can also create a footer, sidebar, mega menu, mobile menu, page layouts, post listings, and sticky sections.

If you have a sample header from another site or a static design, we would be more than happy to help you create it. Please take a look at our plug-in from the URL below.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile: Kind regards.

Thank you!

Yes, my theme uses WP Bakery. It’s KingLaw. I really love pretty much everything about it, but the ability to tweak the top menu on my own and throw in a left menu will make a night & day difference for me.

Does this plugin, by chance, also help with managing includes?

Hello @NewbieOneKenobi,

I may not have understood what you mean by “managing includes”. If you are talking about editing the content of the header; yes. We have dynamic elements such as site logo, navigation menu, social media icons, search bar, breadcrumb, hamburger menu to trigger mobile menu etc. We also have pre-designed demos that you can easily edit and use.

If you have a sample header from another site or a static design, we would like to talk over it.