Menu - Dropdown Animation "Elastic" not possible


Hi, I’m Jürgen from Bardowick in Germany. Yesterday I bought the Joomla Template Flex. Now I’ m working with the template to implement it at our Homepage.

In Menu there is no Dropdown Animation “Elastic”. In documentation there are nine transition options for dropdown submenus. In my installation there are only 8, “Elastic” isn’t possible. What can I do for Choosing it?

Thank you for your answer.

Kind regards from Jürgen


you can contact with your purchase item author @Aplikko right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

Still no answer?

Hi, I am looking for a solution for the menu design. All submenu entries should appear at once when I move the mouse over the main menu item.

Can someone tell me which parameter I have to set at which position?
This works with another template, but not with the Flex template.
With Flex only the first submenu level is shown to me, but not the second level.
Can anyone help me there?
Kind regards