Membesr Dashboard

I am looking for php script or wordpress Theme or plug in where members (Bands, Artists and Authors) can see their earnings and sales reports on their dashboard.

Paulo Janela

Is it for Woo?

Good day,
I need something like membership script, but for artists/bands.
I promote and sell their music.
Its to boring to send them all months, by email, the reports.
So the idea is the artists can see their reports at real time on front end
user dashboard.
The reports are embed so it needs a field to embed the code(s), and other
with the earnings total.

Depends on which system you’re using to sell the items

I dont want sell items. is to report real time sales to members according the online stores reports.

It’s a custom job and you may not find a theme/php script for it.
If you’re fine with to pay some $$$, we can discuss the details

Ok we can talk if I didnt find any php script for my needs.

You have multivendor option where each artist can put own music on your store and they have all statistic and sell in own profile.
You can take your provision from each transaction on your site.