If I subcribe for themeforest membership using students account, can I have access to download all resources like Wordpress premium themes and all? I mean free download without paying the normal price of the resources?


Themeforest don’t have any subscription system!
Subscription system only for Envato Elements right here

You are able to download anything from there.




But if I use student account, will I get access to the same resources as the normal accounts?

yes, all membership package included the same resources.

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This is complicated. The resources I have in the students account is limited.


If you think limited then please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


Or are the elements on themeforest, are different from that on evanto elements?

On elements you can find the same themes as on themeforest if the author added them to elements (it depends on author decision).

Main difference is when you buy on themeforest you have item support from author. When you downloading item from elements you don’t have support. This is the main difference between both markets.

Okay… The problem is that I saw some themes on themeforest but can’t find them on elements


Some are only on one or the other, and some are on both