Membership Site - What License Do I need?

I just want to know what license do I need for a membership website? I will be using this for a small company I am creating in which user will choose a plan to get our services. The end user will not be charge until he or she decides to choose a plan. So, which license should I get. A regular one or a extended one?

if your member will need to pay to get access your website or part of the website then you will need extended license.

Which license do I need for an end product that is only accessible to paying users?
If the end users need to pay to see the end product, you need an Extended License. There can be more than one end user as long as there is only one end product.

Example: A website that requires money before you can access the content

Well, not the website itself. They will be able to go and check the website for free, but to get the services. Th end user will need to pay a membership. Do I still need the extended license?

if the 100% full website access are free for 100% visitors then regular license will be fine. with regular license you can sell your service to customers.

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Perfect, Thank you very much.

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