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a question

the membership renewal is automatic?

membership of what?

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I want to buy a template. and in doing so I have support for 6 months or 12 months.

This support is automatically renewed?

No you need to choose to renew it and it’s optional.

When you buy a file using it is for lifetime and you will continue to get general bug fixes and updates free of charge.

The premium support that is paid for is for more detailed and envato protected stuff

You can buy an item and if author supports it, you have 6 months support by default.

You can also extend the support service to an extra 6 Months (a total of 12 months)

It’s not renewed automatically.

For example, once your support has ended, you’ll see the image below on the page of the item which you’ve bought… You can click on the text that reads “RENEW SUPPORT” to renew it.

Thank you very much for the information

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You’ll be also able to see the same option on your downloads page…: (so you don’T have to search for the item you have bought :slight_smile: