Membership Platform

Hi Envato Forums.

I’ve had a look through Code Canyon, but not exactly sure what to search for. Anything I found was just dating platforms or facebook esk style which isn’t what I’m after.

I’m looking for a platform (outside of wordpress), that I can use to create free and pro tiered memberships for customers. Each person get’s their own profile page (eg The front page is curated by the admin and can curate/pull content automatically from the site and can have custom pages like About Us etc. Users can upload files and that gets posted with optional tags/descriptions and allow comments. Posts which are then stored in their profile with a small selection on their profile page plus another page with all of their documents (eg Users can also follow other users.

The best working examples I can find of this is, but I guess you could also say classic YouTube is a good example.

Would prefer the technology to be PHP and HTML5 based as I’m not sure about other languages. If the best thing is to go down another rout, I guess I’d have too! I could easily do this in Wordpress, but I’m looking for something farm more lightweight.

Thanks in advanced.