Membership in the Market

I recently purchased Wordpress Youtube plugin.
Looking at the compatibility themes they are in the Market.

  1. TrueMag
  2. NewsTube
  3. Avada

Those are just a few.
I see there is an offer for Envato Elements monthly member subscription for $16.50 a month, but I don’t see those themes listed there.
Because Elements and market are different, Is there an offer for a membership (monthly subscription) in the Market?

Thank you,

Yes, That’s true the both market are different.
Suppose Envato market! you can chose a single item and purchase that its simple and getting that item 6 month support.
and the Envato elements you have to subscribe there by monthly subscription/yearly subscription.

if any of envato market item exist on element then you can download that item from Envato Elements other wise you cann’t download envato market item from Envato Elements.

and all of those item aren’t exist on element

  1. TrueMag
  2. NewsTube
  3. Avada

Hope you understand.
let us know if you have any other question.


Yes I do understand. I was just wondering if there was a membership option for Market.

Not yet, Creating any subscription system at Envato Marketplace

no, there is no membership package for Envato market (themeforest, codecanyon, graphicriver, …) and there is no possibility to get such option in future. As you know Envato have a subscription service in Elements and you have a plenty of option to choose from there. You can subscribe on Elements