Melihat Produk yang sudah di approve oleh Envanto

Perkenalkan saya Author baru di, sebelumnya saya biasa menggunakan

Gan mau tanya dong, untuk melihat item kita di reject atau di approve oleh envanto bagaimana ya?

Saya hari kamis malam tanggal 30 Maret mengupload desain logo. namun sampai saat ini pemberitahuan/keterangan di approve atau di reject belum ada. itu melihatnya di bagian mana ya gan?

sebab saya cari2 di menu-menunya, kok item saya masih tidak ada, dan notifikasi penolakannya pun tidak ada.

Mohon pencerahannya untuk agan-agan yang sudah pengalaman disini.


I’m sorry I don’t speak Indonesian, but I can use Google Translate! :smiley: You could do the same if you need to.

From what I understand, you’re new here, previously on Creativemarket, so welcome to the good side! (CM rejected my membership a few years ago). Also it seems like you submitted an item a few days ago and haven’t received any sort of notification as to if it’s been accepted or rejected, usually this means that it hasn’t been reviewed yet, but I think you also stated that you don’t see that it’s up for review anywhere. Here’s a few things that you could try:

  • Dashboard: Go to your profile, and it should be the very first link under your user icon. When on the Dashboard, it will list any items you have in the review process on the right side near the top of the column.

  • Hidden Items: This is 6 links down the list from “Dashboard”. Any rejected items will appear here for you to see how it looks on the marketplace, as well as allowing you to edit and resubmit it once the appropriate adjustments have been made.

  • Portfolio: 2 links over from “Dashboard”. I’m pretty sure you’ve probably checked this already, but just making sure.

  • Junk Mail: Perhaps the rejection/acceptance notice was sent to your junk mail, though if that were the case, you probably would have seen it in your Portfolio or Hidden Items.

  • Envato Support: If all else fails, Envato Support is always there to help! You can contact them by filling out the form here:

I hope the language barrier isn’t too much of an issue and that I was able to help.


It’s worth mentioning that to be approved here items must have documentation which would usually require at least a degree of English content.

If this is a challenge for you then it would be very helpful to team up with someone who speaks both English and Indonesian

Halo, Faris. Salam kenal!

Saya juga baru di GraphicRiver. Iya memang tidak terlihat. Waktu saya pertama kali upload, saya juga bingung itu larinya kemana. Kemarin baru saja saya upload karya pertama saya. Sampai hari ini belum ada respon.

Yang pasti, diterima atau tidak itu akan dikabari via email yang terdaftar di akun Faris.

Semoga sama-sama sukses ya!

Best Regards,

I should also mention that the reviewing process can take a few days since there is a lot to review on a daily basis. The average wait time for GraphicRivier is 4 days, though sometimes it can take a little longer. So don’t expect to submit something and then have it available the same day or even the day after. Just be patient and you will eventually get a response as soon as the reviewer gets to your item.

Thank you sir, your information really helped me :blush:

No problem, glad I could help :smiley: