Melbourne Meetup at Pausefest

Attention Australian Authors!

Pausefest 2016 is happening February 8-14 at Federation Square in Melbourne, and we want to know if you’ll be attending, or in the area to join our Meetup on Tuesday, February 9.

The Meetup will run from 6pm to 8pm AEST and offers you the chance to meet other Australian authors, affiliates and buyers and share a drink and a free slice of pizza with part of your community. We’re also planning for one of the speakers from Pausefest to drop by and join this Meetup (more on that soon).

So if you’re interested in attending, then RSVP by filling out this Formstack application, and we’ll see you in February!

Dom from Envato Meetups

RSVP here!


Sir , Please come to Bangladesh .
Thank You.

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Ooo tempting


Would love to see you there!

nice … :slight_smile:

Holding out for the Vegas meetup.

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Maybe going to this meetup. My item about this :slight_smile:

i wish to be there … can you please arrange the meet ups here

good ! ranadpi07

Can International authors from India or other countries attend?

If you’re talking about the Meetup, then absolutely if you’re planning to be in Melbourne.

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What a shame @DomHennequin. I’m travelling from NSW to film a cycle event along the Great Ocean Road and we’ll be having our celebration dinner for all the participants at that time. Better luck for me next time I guess. If there is a Sydney or Hunter Valley meet up sometime you can count me in.

That’s a shame, but being on the Great Ocean Road sounds beautiful, at least!

We’re certainly looking to do more Australian events this year, and perhaps if you’re keen for a Meetup in Sydney, you can consider putting the idea out there and see if we can make that happen some time this year.

Here to help if you need :slight_smile:


Yay. I’ll be there for sure! any other Audiojunglers coming?


I wish I could but I’m stuck on the west side! :frowning:

Nice :grinning:

Can International authors from India or other countries attend?

Authors from anywhere in the world are welcome to attend the Meetup, as long as you’re in Melbourne or happy to get yourself there :wink: