Megastar joomla template via envato elements requesting updates to two components

Megastar joomla template via envato elements is requesting updates to two components. Quix and Hika shop. how do i update these? they were bundled with the template but donot have auto update


You can get help from that template author right here as a comments @bdthemes

or follow their documentation hope helped.


do you mean tag them? thanks

hi bd themes, please advise on quix and hika shop updates in joomla. is there a code i can use?

Hi Guys im not sure what your reply means about migration, my question is to provide update or subscription codes for quix.

you have many modules and components, some will need to be updated like quix. for this i need a activation code please or this template is of no help as the features dont work and i am loosing time to launch

please urgently help

Hello @prenesh, I am sorry for late reply and sorry to say we drop our joomla template support. Anyway. Quix and Hikasop is paid plugin if you need to get the update version so you need to purchase them separately. We just give free version with the package.

If you fetch any problem to use our template so you can use any others alternative from envato elements.