Meetup in Samui, Thailand?

Hi everyone, my name is Yura I’m video-hive author, and now I chilling and working on Samui in Thailand. Maybe some video-hive or envato mattes chilling or working here?

Should be there in June as part of my world tour! There were a couple of authors travelling around Chang Mai the other week, so they might get down that way. Not sure of any authors who lives there though, but I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a few. Is it nice and warm, or crazy hot and humid?

Weather is different, right now it’s worm and good, but yesterday it was rainy. You will travel around the word? Shooting, or just relaxing?

Mainly relaxing, exploring, drinking. Going to the WSOP in Vegas before hand. Maybe a bit of work, but nothing too strenuous though, I’m getting on!

hi, khun pen kon thai may khrap?

Hey yura_fresh,

You may want to think about organizing a meetup in this area if you can generate enough interest. It’s a great way to meet other authors in your area, and usually worth it if you pick a particular topic to explore and discuss.

When you’re ready head to this link to find out how to apply to host a meetup.

Let me know if you’d like to know more :slight_smile:

hi, well indeed, u are right meeting is a good idea, now i ooh samui, i am not sure lol i guess there would be more participants if the meet up is in Bangkok :slight_smile:

Haha, you may be right. Is that possible to do? I know it’s a flight away from where you are so I understand if it’s not.

If you’d like to build some interest in a possible meetup in either area, I can help promote the thread to gauge interest.

we really hope to have a meet up one day in Bangkok, that would be great , that’s the bottom line, for Samui, i just tend to believe that it looks unlikely to happen there , matters of time and cost, but maybe i am wrong … let’s people get to tell us about this lol

Ok, let’s see if anyone’s interested. Can’t hurt :slight_smile:

this is for sure lol

If it’s after the 11th of June then sign me up!

I’m living a bit further south, closer to the border with Malaysia, but I’d be happy to drive up to Samui if a meetup is indeed organised. Same thing for Bangkok, if we were to organise a meetup there, I’d be there :slight_smile: I know there are a few other Thai authors, most of who live in Bangkok and one or two in Chiang Mai.

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yes u are right, i am personally living in bangkok indeed

I can do it, but in Ukraine)

this is not that close with Samui or Bangkok lol

Koh Phangan here, more than happy to hop on Lomprayah ferry for a fun meetup or two…

I was in Koh Phangan a couple of months ago… it was very nice! I enjoyed a bit of Lomprayah Ferry action! Not a single Mosquito bite for the whole week as well, for some reason, which was a refreshing change from being slowly devoured everywhere else in South East Asia!