Meet my first sample library SENFINE - for cinematic/ambient/post-rock music :)

Hello, world!

I’d like to introduce you my first effort Senfine which is now available at intro price $99 (full price $139) until 16th March.


Short description:
Senfine is extensive soundtool aimed primarily for writing tracks in the styles of cinematic ambient and post-rock. At the same time, it perfectly fits any kind of deep emotional atmospheric projects in a wide variety of genres. It helps to add depth and to provide a gentle atmosphere to your productions. There is everything you might need for making atmospheric and deep sound inside Senfine library: from guitars and orchestral ambient instruments to drums and synths. Palette of Senfine instruments allows you to get the desired result quickly and easily right from the scratch. No need to use any third-party tools or plugins.

It is influenced by the styles of composers and artists such as Hammock, Tony Anderson, Lights & Motions, Jon Hopkins, Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros, Ólafur Arnalds, This Will Destroy You and many more.

All videos:

Audio demos:

Includes :
8 Ambient Keys:

  • 6 Pianos (Scoring piano plus 5 Ambient pianos)
  • Marimba, Glockenspiel, Synth

23 Guitars

  • 3 Tremolo guitars
  • 6 Ambient guitars
  • Overdrive guitar
  • 5 Distortion guitars
  • Bass guitar
  • 8 String guitar
  • 6 Swell & Ebow guitars (plus Multi instruments)

59 Synths (plus Multi Instruments)

  • 26 Pads
  • 13 Plucks
  • 5 Dream Synths
  • 6 Basses
  • 8 Leads

Full Drums

  • Kick
  • Snares
  • Toms
  • Hi-Hats
  • Cymbals
  • Rides
  • Sticks

8 Orchestral Warps (plus Multi Instruments)

  • Viola
  • Violins
  • Clarinet
  • Horn
  • Trombone I
  • Trombone II
  • Trumpet
  • Piano Warp

Endless Ambient Designer Possibilities


  • Requires Full version of Kontakt 5.8.0 as the minimum.
  • lossless .NCW format, 48kHz / 24bit.
  • 5,94 GB of hard drive space (9,92 GB of original sample material).
  • More than 130 instruments
  • 3600+ samples
  • Many unique features such as equalizer with graphical representation inside GUI, atmosphere designer, all-controls related macroses and LFOs and many more
  • FX-Rack

Thanks for your attention, guys <3



Congrats Evgeny, it sounds amazing and looks pretty versatile. Good luck with it :raised_hands:


Oh, thank you so much!

Great sounding library. Really well priced too. I wish you much success with it.

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Congrats Evgeny! It sounds absolutely beautiful, specially all those airy atmospheric patches! Definitely worth considering!

Best of luck!!!

Thank you very much!

Very worthy product! Absolutelly love guitars and pads. Sounds very cool!

Yesterday, guys from another forum reminded me about my first library Atmosphereand asked me to do a discount. But I decided to offer a free copy of it to everyone who ordered Senfine before 17th March from our website as a present!

From the moment, bonus content will be sent to all customers automatically. For those who have already bought Senfine, I’ll send you a bonus library asap.

Andrew Skipper released a couple of videos featuring Senfine:

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Purchased! Downloading now :wink:


Hey guys!

Just a little reminder. About 6 hours left to order Senfine with intro price 99$ instead of 139$.

Since this is our first public release we would be happy to know what you like in Senfine and what not. Second is more important because it will help us to improve our instruments in the future.

Also, SLR did a library review today. Check it out:



Ordered! excited to try it out =)


Evgeny, after my first pass all I can say is: WOW. Exceptional job here. For ambient composers like myself, this library is a game changer. Thank you thank you thank you. I won’t have to spend hours and hours crafting sounds with this library now!! =)


Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

Big job! Worthy of respect! Thank you for your creativity and creation!

Great job! Definitely I wanna be doing in the future, this is really inspiring.