Medicare Theme Configuration

Hi there, just purchased the Medicare theme from ThemeForest. Installation was successfull but when I tried to apply the Clinic theme it layout is all messed up.

The theme installation was made over a brand new wordpress installation.

I looked for the troubleshooting in the installation page didn’t find anything similar.


I’m service provider at Studio providing Installation Service - this is one of the issue I face time to time ( once a while ) but it’s hard to say anything at this moment if it’s about the installation or the demo content. Maybe you just need another try?

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Already done that… Deleted the wordpress folder with the previous installation, then I downloaded a new wordpress file from and reainstalled the theme, the same layout error occured.

You may check the problem on this link:

If you do not have Alternative logo defined, main logo will be used in all cases
If you have Alternative logo defined, it will be used on top of the page when Content Below Menu and Sticky Header options are activated. This set up will also change the color of menu and widgets to light.

I do not have alternative logo, just imported the default clinic xml file using BT Import.

I could provide paid support if you’re interested in. You can check out the installation service from the link above or you can try to contact the theme author for free support