MediCade Theme not working

I purchased the MediCare Theme a little over a week agon ago, and am trying to customize it for my client.

It simply doesn’t work.

The theme installed without trouble, but the sample data will not download.

The instructions are no help.

The theme doesn’t look anything like the demo. Not even close.

I sent a question to themeforest eight days ago, and still have not received a reply.

I’d like to either get this working within the next day or two, or get a refund.

Did you send your question to envato or to the author?

Envato does t handle theme issues - these need to go to the theme author as younwill be under initial support period.

When you say the demo content won’t download - what error do you get?

It won’t look like the demo until there is content in there, menus set up, front page assigned and so on - that’s the same with any WP theme.

I sent questions to the author nine days ago. I have not received any response.

I’ve used other themes before, and am aware that I need to populate and save pages for things to work. When I do that, I get a standard page menu, nothing like the sliding page in the demo.

When I try to download the sample data the spinner just spins - and I’ve let it go for hours.

The support request was sent to, which is listed as the support address. It was sent on Jan 17, and I have not received any response.

There is a slider plugin that evidently requires an additional $25 purchase to activate. This is not mentioned anywhere on the purchase page.

I’ll give them the rest of the day to respond. If they don’t, I’ll be requesting a refund.

The slider is probably fine but cannot be activated for updates as it’s a different license for bundled plugins.

If you request a refund do it with envato don;t query the payment with your bank or provider as this results in your entire account being block for security until it is reviewed

Since the author is ignoring requests for help, I’ve requested a refund. However, the refund form says requests go to the author. Since he hadn’t bothered to answer requests from a week and a half ago, I wonder how long it will be before I see my money.