MechanizeD [One] Realtime video Walkthrough ! 🎧

Hi boyz n’ Gurlz,

After the PRO changes finally happened on Audiojungle i remastered one of my favourite Trailer tracks and uploaded on Audiojungle !
This track is featured in more than 600 videos on youtube, appeared on tv shows and licensed by Beyond the summit and Gigabyte for official trailers !

I wanted to share a video inside Pro tools about how this track looks and sounds !
So here’s a realtime walkthrough with some captions !
Feel free to give feedback Good or Bad

Mechanized accepted 10.10.2016 :smile:



Big thanks for this. It can be really helpful. I always wondered how this incredible track was made! Keep up this amazing work bro!

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thanx brother ! :smiley: :slight_smile:

Great job. I love the guitar part :slight_smile:

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Great composition and awesome production! This is a really cool track! :slight_smile:

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Thanx @janxcode_team @Luca_Clerici :smiley: :slight_smile:

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Ohhh brother it’s a really cool walkthrough and as always great production :stuck_out_tongue:



Amazing production as always!!! :wink:

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Thanx brother :slight_smile:

Great video!!! I see you are using a lot of Ezmix plug! :slight_smile: It’s really cool plug…Thanks for your advice it! :slight_smile: And wish you a lot of sales with you mechanizeD :slight_smile:

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thanx brother ! ez mix is really a nice cpu friendly plug for guitars and bass ! i use is also for many other thing !
I advise people to use it if they write rock music !

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I was wondering if you performed/composed the melodic/motivic elements yourself or if they are just samples form sample CDs and you arranged them.

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all melodic and rhythmic guitars are recorded with Avid’s Eleven Rack !

Great composition and awesome production! :grinning:

thank you ! :slight_smile:

Impressive song. Canis Lupus is back! Looks like Infected Mushroom’s mixing. The only difference, they use Cubase.

heh thanx man ! :smiley: infected mashroom?? really old stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, google “infected mushroom making”

Nice one! If it was me I would raise the bpm a little bit and add a synth sub bass to make it blast in theaters :wink:

Awesome job!