(Maybe) Worst search algorithm ever

Did a search for customer appreciation - and ended up with flyers for concerts, auto exhibitions, St. Patrick’s parties, insurance, summer camps, New Years parties, random real estate stuff, drone rental parties, church prayer flyers, Christmas sales, something called a "Hard Stone Flyer (WT actual F?), wedding photography - the list goes on. How is this a thing? Almost NONE (closer to none at all) of the things were tagged with either “customer” or “appreciation” so what gives? If it told me there were no results for my search but here’s some other random crap then fine but it just gave me a bunch of random useless crap. This is the same problem I have when searching for photos. Maybe you could work on it…?

Also, what’s up with all the Pastor Appreciation stuff? Are they really that thirsty for attention? And if so, should we really be facilitating that? Just sayin"…

I guess there just isn’t anything related to customer appreciation on GraphicRiver.

Also, the reason for “Pastor Appreciation” is the same for teachers, workers, students, and even customers. Unless of course you think they’re all thirsty for attention, in which case I’m not sure why you’d want to facilitate them.

Nothing related to it? Gee, I hadn’t considered that. Or maybe I already pointed that out and wondered why it just didn’t tell me that instead of throwing a bunch of crap at me to go through. Next time you feel like pointing out the obvious while in super-snark mode, you might want to make sure they didn’t actually acknowledge the obvious before you embarrass yourself.

Also, my question about the Pastor Appreciation thing was because a search using the word “appreciation” pulls up almost 2 full pages of results for nothing BUT Pastor Appreciation and then continues to show more for the next 5 pages at least mixed almost exclusively with church related items and continues on sporadically after that. The sheer number was a little crazy. Interestingly, I didn’t see one result for teachers, workers, students, customers, mail carriers, police officers, firemen, zoo keepers, gas station attendants, etc., so I’m not really sure what your point is other than maybe you didn’t bother to look before you answered.

Have a great day!

It’s no surprise that no one replied earlier. You’re a disgusting person. This isn’t the YouTube comments, trying showing some respect and professionalism.

Oh, you mean like you did by actually reading my post and checking to see if maybe I possibly had a point?