Maybe not good enought for this market.

Can you help me?. This asset is not really good? how could be better?.

Thanks a lot.


I personally think (I’ve been working with graphics since 2004, but not as a creator)
that this collection is really really good.

You can definitely see the personal touch of the creator in it, meaning they are really unique, in the way
you composed these with vectors.

I really really don’t know you got rejected mate…I hope it wasn’t a big hit on your creative side,
cause you shouldn’t be ashamed. They are real good compositions. Maybe the reviewer thought they’re
not commercial enough. I once got rejected on a really beautiful song. And I put it aside, and
created others, which were accepted.

So, yes, they’re good and professional if you ask me.

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Thanks a lot SoundLoungeStudio.
I´m working with Inkscape, haven´t photoshop licence. Can be this the problem?.
In other market, other of my assets had 12 sales, and here, was rejected…3 or 3 rejected.

I only want know the problems…maybe resolution, program, style…but i´m so confuse.

Good luck Sound, and thanks again.

Thanks a lot Sound.

For me the reason is the common one for good items like this:
Here there is a extremely high competition and in addition to the quality you need also to make the collection more unique as possible and big enough for cover a big user niche. In your case, due there are so many similar items, you need to make a bigger asset. I think with 50+ avatars instead of 16 you will get approved.

Personally I don’t think the quality of the illustrations is good enough.

First asset rejected. All you need for do a trivia videogame like “PREGUNTADOS”. (12 sales in other markets).

Second asset rejected. All you need for do a music videogame. (1 colaboration with indie studio).

I stoped in avatars…I guess this will be rejected also.

Maybe someday can upload something, there is another that continue to improve.

Good luck with your assets.

Thanks a lot.