Maybe my flyer is unique design but I am not sure......

I can use images

Do you have a scanner? or not

Yes I have printer also

I have tablet HUION 13

Then you don’t need any stock image.

For the grunge texture Take a A4 paper go outside put it on the ground and step on it to add dirt. Scann it and you just have a unique grunge texture

If you have an old cassette just put it on the scanner and scan it

Place the grunge image over the scan image and you have a nice cassete with a nice vintage texture. Then add some old colors


Thank you I will to make, Can I take photos from my cell phone? I have no camera

yes you can

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Thank you.

Last question, why can’t I use but are they free?

You can’t include any image in the package.

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thank you, I’m going to buy a camera soon to get better quality, for now I’m going to take photos from my cell phone.

Search for this scanner Canon CanoScan LiDE 120 second hand. I have it and is perfect for creating textures for backgrouns. All the images that you create you can include.

Second hand it is like $15-20

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I have scanner printer EPSON L3150

other question I can scanner image by my family? for example my daughter or my mother etc…

It is better to use objects for the main image. Human models are overused.

I can download images for only people but I use shape gris (placeholder)?

Also you can use pets (dogs, cats. birds etc)

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Thank you :), I love you


I am not sure if color is ok