Maybe my flyer is unique design but I am not sure......

I don’t think you’d get approval with this approach but you can try to submit

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please you can explain me, why?


Maybe you can try to change font typography.

Good luck

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@payothemes which fonts I can change?

Maybe my design is not unique because many times was hard rejected in graphicriver… I try make more unique design 100%…

Entire font

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Thank you.

  • Typography is not even close to what it should be.
  • There are too many fonts styles used.
  • Pairing fonts is missing
  • The background is not related with the retro concept.
  • Model in poorly isolated and the crop is wrong.
  • The tape could be a good element but is not relateted with the other elements.
  • All the colors are too raw for a retro / vintage look.
  • Social buttons are useless for a flyer.
  • Text details are unreadable.
  • Overall hierarchy and white ballance / negative space is non-existent.
  • There is no overall integration
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Thank you so much… I will to fix some…


Forget the model and use a nice vintage compact cassete as a main element. And pay attention to typography. Search for retro fonts there are tones out there.

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Thank you.

Check this one for the main image and typography. Play with that cassette in another creative way.

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Can I do very similar only colors? but I will make more creative different design?

Keep retro colors (not raw colors) and add grunge textures.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you help me how to use better typography?

If you have a scanner and an old cassette you can create your own main image.


Scan an old cassete on a scanner

Sorry, I was understand but I not have any image retro.