Maybe my design is better that before t-shirt :)

Hello to all:

I was working t-shirt like my creative 1 day ago draw as bone face, leaves, etc but I hope that will to approved graphicriver my design regards.

hi jeri i think that the global style is more adapted to children in a general way but why not as a niche , we all know that best selling cloth items are those either for women and children … this is why i tend to believe that u should rather choose a mockup in keeping with the concerned "targets ", a child or a woman … the leaves part is not bad overall but i think that u need more work on the skull part , about the shadowing, maybe working with the mesh or simple path depending on what u feel more comfortable with but u need to bring more work and shadowing in the skulls part. Lines on the skull look too much like lines u should rather draw “cracks”, this means giving a thickness and a shape to the concerned elements (a bit like flashes but following the skull shape’s perspective). I am not sure that the positioning of “happy” is the best one, u should better have both under the design in my view. U should bring some relief to eyes, they are globally a bit flat as the rest at this stage. Pay attention about the drawing too, some lines do not look even enough at the moment , pls keep in mind that people look for professionally executed designs, look at the lines under the eyes, they are a good example, they look not well executed enough (besides u may wander if this is right to have these lines, i am personally not sure to say the least … I also believe that u should give the design a try with using thicker stroke as both of illustrators do, see the work of the excellent mexican author @memoangeles to understand the stroke thing, this design are wonderful and he uses thick strokes that make his design even more outstanding indeed. Beware also about the white part in the wings, right now this is looking like a non-mastered execution. Make sure that these shape actually follow the edges of the black ones, it will be much better looking