Maybe it's archives.

That’s how I upload files.
Can in them that the not so?1 2 3

what does it mean? lol is this english language or google translate one? lol sorry just kidding but honestly i did not understand anything abt what u said …

Your preview image set should be named like so:

Other than that, the files you have a fine.


Is this a logo that you plan to upload? I swear I’ve seen that exact logo before, and even your profile image, bit I can’t find your name anywhere. Also, there are TONS of “Lion King” logos which are very similar to this on the marketplace already, so it might be difficult to put another one on there.

Thanks for your help.
I many where sell logo’s.

sorry, it’s Google translate…

You can help me with the archive?
understand structure archive,

oh ok i have a bette understanding then lol