may I know the reason? why my item has been rejected?

may I know the reason? why my item “Entire - The Multipurpose Creative HTML5/CSS3 Portfolio Website Template” has been rejected?.
Item Demo Link:
Please help me know about my mistakes.


Hello, can you provide the reviewer feedback ?

I had a first look at your work. You clearly spent some time crafting this, there are good ideas and good execution here and there. However, your design style is now a bit outdated. Today’s websites rely less on photos but rather on colors, gradients, shapes, typography and sometimes illustrations. Photos are used with parsimony.

I also think that there are many already approved templates that look like yours. Getting approved on TF is hard. But you have quite something here. I think you need to transform this template into a modern and more contemporary looking one.

Hope it helps, regards.

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Thanks for your great comment

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