May I know the reason my design rejected?

I’d like to know the reason my design rejected… this about technical problem or just a bad design?


Usually if you’re not given a reason for the rejection, that means it was due to quality, not because of something technical.

Right away the main problem I see is readability, all of the dots in the background, paired with the geometrical design in the main text makes it difficult to read quickly and easily.

I also find the green text not very fitting with the rest of the design. It definitely stands out, but not for the right reasons. The primary theme seems to be somewhat luxurious, with the black, gold, and white, but adding green suddenly to the bottom 3rd loses it’s harmony.

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Thank you for your comment

Hi There? Can you give me some advice for this design :smiley:

thank so much

The papercut ideea is cool but the typo doesn’t work well that font is unreadable. You can create a kit with multiple papercut elements to give to the customers freedom to personlize.

The text I use handwriting style for more variety. I really don’t understand why it was rejected :frowning:

I agree with @DesignSomething, that handwritten font is unreadable. It’s good to add variety and change things up, but you also have to make sure it works well. If you want to use a handwritten font, then you need to choose one that is easily readable.

I like the flyer as a whole, but I think it’d be a great idea to supply a variety of paper cutout shapes for the user to customize with. Which means that the file needs nicely organized and easy to use layers, and you should show the customisation in the preview image.

I try my best but is still rejected :frowning: really sad

Focus on that papercut ideea. It has great potential.

Yes, the last two look good, but the backgrounds being too basic or lacking something is probably one of the key things letting you down.

Keep, going l failed 8 times before getting one in, and still do, eventhough l have successfully submitted almost 100.

Until now I failed alot :frowning: and get one approved. Don’t understand Envato’s design standards. Or maybe the admin is too fastidious when reviewing design? I also try constantly to improve my design but the whole result is rejected. While my text and layers are neat and easy to understand, it’s really sad.