Max upload: only 130 tracks per year?

Hey Everyone,

Firstly forgive me if this question been discussed here before, but I could not find it anywhere.

I finally found more time to focus on music and have a lot of tracks to upload.
However talking about quantity I noticed there is limit of 5 tracks max upload until being reviewed. Meaning once I uploaded 5 tracks I have to wait.

As reviewing period is now roughly 2 weeks, does it mean that max amount of tracks per year I can upload is +/- 130?

Is there a way to upload more than that, or i need to reach certain level so that the limit of upload quantity being increased?

Thank you in advance and wish you all achieving New Level in all aspects of music science.

Elite authors can upload 10.

You need to reach that level. :slight_smile:

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As I recall, as mentioned in the subject on the Euro Tour in 2018. There will be no queues for check and apparently the limits for each author will be individual. It is not known how soon it will be entered (the exact date was not announced). Yes indeed, for now there are limits in more detail here. :point_down: