Matrix Theme style.css


I have an fresh install of WP on my hostgator account, just bought the Matrix theme and get this message when trying to upload it (The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.)

Any ideas on how to install this theme?


Please see if this wiki entry helps:

If not, please contact the item author for support.


Tried that, and no luck, there is no folder to upload. Shot an email to the author, hopefully he replies. BTW, the download was only 1.78MB, is that the normal size?


Please confirm the purchased theme is compatible with WordPress. A theme is compatible with WordPress when it is from the WordPress category located here:

or if the words “WordPress” appear within the item description. Best of luck!


Yeah, just realized that it is not compatible with WordPress. Can I get a refund?


You can email envato support and ask but if you downloaded the file and the issue was due to confusion and not an error in the theme then you may not get the refund. Good luck