Materizes admintemplate, map-canvas

I am using the template materializes admin template, specifically I am configuring cards that include the location of a place through a map. The detail is that I can only load a map, if I duplicate the card it only sees the map of the first one and the others are not displayed. On the other hand it is not very clear to me because if I change the id to the map container that by default brings “map-canvas” the map is no longer displayed (clear when changing the id in JavaScript change the reference). I have been trying to load maps on the other card and are not displayed.

Hey @chedroid,

@PIXINVENT is the author of that template. I’ve just tagged them into this thread, as they’ll be the best placed to support you :slight_smile:

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Hi, thank you!

Hello chedroid,

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

Well the issue is using the two map cards on same page, it may get some conflict while doing this.
Using map different id is the proper solution, could you please provide some more details on the code and console errors.

Please connect from our support portal.


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