MasterStudy LMS 40%

today is the 22nd i want to buy the theme MasterStudy LMS 40% cheaper and the system shows the normal price of $69. and not $41.40.
How do I buy at $41.40?

Where are you getting the $41 from?

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De: Stylemix Team <>
Date: vie., 19 ago. 2022 15:01
Subject: 40% Off Sale Is Ending Soon! :hourglass:
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The 40% Sale is going to be over soon!

A quick reminder about the 40% discount event for 4 premium WordPress themes (find them down below as well): MasterStudy LMS, Motors, Consulting, and HomePress.

The Sale will be valid until next Monday (August, 22).

that doesn’t mean it includes the Monday - could have changed at midnight

If you want to find an explanation in your favor, effectively Monday midnight is from 12, but obviously it is not including Monday as THE ADVERTISING says. Monday is all of Monday, not a few milliseconds of Monday.

It seems to me misleading advertising and I want my link at -40%

Thank you

Envato maintain with Australian time. It was 22 August in Australian time. I think this is the point you missed and the discount time was over.


yes, you’re right the ad says monday australian time…oh no, sorry, it doesn’t.

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