Mastering vs audio limiter in operating system vs AJ

In 2 of 3 my PC’s there is “natively” installed limiter in operating system with quite low threshold compressing sound played by speakers. When I’m using Ableton or interface or headphones it’s bypassed. That’s good for watching movies, skype etc, but bad for listening loud and heavy compressed music, especially if it’s not EDM or hip hop (like some types of commercial cartoon music). So I found that some of my tracks sound great on computer without limiter, but are heavy pumping on those with limiter.

Do your computers have such limiters? Is this popular? In this case I’m considering making quiter mastering only for AJ but I would love to hear your reflections.

It is necessary to monitor the level of RMS. Then on any devices music will be played well!

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Yeah, I thought about this. But still without automatic normalization on AJ (like on the youtube or spotify) music with lower RMS played on gear without limiters will sound “less commercially”. Hm…

And when I’m turning of system limiter everything sound ok… But how many buyers listen to the music on AJ with limiter on?

And do not forget that high-fie sound systems have their own bass compensator, and if you go too far with the bass in the track, it’s clearly audible on cheap acoustics! you need to watch the signal level in the entire spectrum, then the tracks on different devices will sound the same!

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In all acoustic systems, there is one or another limiter!) In the speaker boards!) Therefore, it is logical to assume that everyone who has more or less normal speakers listen to music with a limiter) And this means that the music does not need to be heavily clamped on the master)))

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