Mastering for AudioJungle: Audio requirements

AudioJungle gives some requirements for the music audio files. These are: 16 bit, 44.1 kHz for WAV and MP3 audios plus 320 kbps for MP3. Also demands the audio not to be clipped, that is maximum peak 0 dBTP.
But there are and other parameters which has to be considered during the Mastering (or even during Mixing). The most important is the loudness, measured in LUFS.
I can say that according to some standards or practices the loudness of the audios can be grouped to four groups.
a. Program Loudness around -23/-24 LUFS Int, for films, broadcasting, TV.
b. Program Loudness arround -16/-15/-14 LUFS Int, for Mobile, iTunes (radio), CD and general streaming.
c. Program Loudness around -11 LUFS Int, for iTunes (Store), SoundCloud? Etc.
d. Program Loudness around -9 LUFS Int. I have seen such suggestions in this forum as appropriate loudness for AJ.
Except of the Program Loudness there are and other parameters like loudness range (LRA), dynamic range (DR), Short Term Loudness, Max Momentary Loudness, Stereo Balance etc.
For the genre of the music that I compose (classical string quartets and small ensembles) and I want to upload to AJ, it is impossible to go beyond -12 LUFS Int, as the high compression destroys the dynamic range of the music.
Now my questions are:

  1. Is it a good idea to master the audio to -16/-15 LUFS Int, keeping the peak <-1dBTP and LRA around 9 LU?
  2. Is allowed to write in the description of the item the technical characteristics of the audio?
  3. Do the reviewers pay attention to the technical characteristics of the audios?

Thanks for reading


I think it’s good to master the audio to around -16 to -14 Int LUFS: classical, piano, strings etc and up to -12 LUFS for pop, corporate etc depending on the track. I think many video editors aim for -16 but here on AJ it’s loudness war and loudest seems to be good/win. My goal is to master my music to sound as good as possible and not as loud as I can. This is just how I see it. Download a few previews of similar music you do and analyse the war! :slight_smile:

Mixing and Mastering will come in time as your ears will develop. Concentrate on arrangement and composing. Far bigger factor than ridiculous LUFS -16.

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I think I will go arround -15/-16 LUFS for classical music. Thanks for your advices

I agree with your comments about the importance of composing and arrangement but why LUFS-16 is ridiculous? I speak for classical music not EDM or similar stuff. Anyway thank you for your response.

Of course it’s not completely ridiculous and yes I’m also not talking EDM here. Personally speaking ( and I’ve been to many classical concerts) the low volume of concerts airing on TV really annoys me. Sitting in a Concert Hall sounds very different. I really like dymanics, but that is just ridiculous on TV. Go with feeling and make A/B comparisons with titles you like. That’s the way. Audiojungle Items mostly go to Youtube anyway.

-15 LUFS average would be pretty nice for classic music. Still, I dont think that it is that important here, on AJ. If somebody would buy a license for tv broadcast, i think they would also ask in house sound engineer to adjust your file for specific needs (-23 LUFS, usually).

But for the for most genres, the louder the better (loud wars, yes :grinning:). I dont even use LUFS, but RMS for AJ. I go for -7-5 range (with -0.3 dB headroom). But again, classical music is another thing. I would recommend to compare your music to classical records and also tracks from AJ and find the sweet spot. No need to aim for super loudness, but make sure your music at least somewhat comparable to others here!

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I am asking this question because I have noticed different loudness - always speaking about classical music. Some of them -not many- have very low loudness -around -23LUFSint- and other very high- -11LUFSint or more. Of course there are works around -15LUFS, which I think is the best target.
Thank you very much for your advices

I did this question because here in AJ I have seen different practices. I noticed audios around -23LUFS as also around -11LUFS. I think -15LUFS is a good suggestion for streaming purposes and CD mastering. Thank you for your attention…

TV compresses the crap out of everything, so don’t expect much in the way of dynamic range.